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Turning Bad Debt Into Cash


Selling Your Bad Debt

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Greenleaf Capital Group, LLC ("Greenleaf Capital") is a purchaser and value-added distributor of charged-off accounts receivables.  Whereas Greenleaf Capital's competitors primarily purchase credit card debt and other non-performing loans from banks and financial institutions, Greenleaf Capital saw the need to answer the demand for a reliable and solutions-oriented player in this emerging secondary market for trade creditors in both the commercial and consumer markets.

Greenleaf Capital is self funded and owner managed which provides flexibility and service unparalleled in the industry. Greenleaf Capital generally purchases bad debt from large national trade creditors.  Greenleaf Capital's management team comprises of key individuals with several years of experience in the collection, legal and financial industries. Greenleaf Capital's team is augmented with a large, highly qualified staff possessing, quite literally, hundreds of years of combined experience in the collection of commercial and consumer accounts.

Greenleaf Capital serves an important and essential niche in your business - that being, when all internal and third party collection efforts have been exhausted, Greenleaf Capital will pay you cash for those accounts that you have identified as being uncollectible and otherwise will be written-off and warehoused. Greenleaf Capital's services include:

  • Converting your charged-off receivables into cash within (3) three business days;
  • Providing you with the most competitive purchase price for your bad debt in the industry;
  • A streamlined due diligence approach which makes this transaction efficient, non-disruptive and cost-effective;
  • Full indemnification regarding any post-sale issues, including a prohibition from directly contacting you to discuss the accounts sold.