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Turning Bad Debt Into Cash


Selling Your Bad Debt

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The Advantages of Selling Your Bad Debt

The benefits of selling your charged-off accounts are many:

  • Conversion of bad debt to IMMEDIATE CASH
  • Higher rate of return
  • Predictable recovery rates
  • Short-term financial goals are met
  • Reduces total amount of bad debt
  • Selling bad debt is easy and fast
  • No geographical limits
  • Improved credit and collections
  • Quick funding
  • Greenleaf Capital Guarantees/Warranties/Indemnification
  • Expense & staff reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Complete control over which accounts are sold
  • Avoid high, up-front court costs and attorney’s fees
  • Avoid the costs associated with collection of hardcore debtors
  • Avoid lengthy delays associated with referring accounts to a collection agency or attorneys


Business owners and credit managers often spend an inordinate amount of time on unproductive duties – that being, chasing hardcore debtors. Selling your bad debt allows your credit department to significantly reduce the time expended in chasing unproductive bad debt accounts and focus on productive sales. You are able to concentrate on what you do best…YOUR BUSINESS!