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Turning Bad Debt Into Cash


Selling Your Bad Debt

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Greenleaf Capital has benefited greatly from our referral sources since our beginning. Most of Greenleaf Capital’s brokers are collection agencies that collect accounts for their clients on a straight contingency basis. A few axioms regarding today’s marketplace bears mentioning: First, nearly all collection agencies collect on a contingency basis – they make money only when monies are collected. Second, collection agencies collect only a portion of the accounts assigned to it. Therefore, the majority of the accounts assigned to collection agencies go to uncollected and the collection agency (as well as the client) does not receive any monies. Normally, these accounts are put in suspended status or closed and the client eventually writes off the account. Instead of taking a complete loss, many collection agencies will refer those uncollected and closed accounts to Greenleaf Capital for a finders fee.

Click here to view a flowchart that best illustrates why an increasing number of collection agencies are beginning to use this referral framework as a last-resort source of recovery.

This is a "win" – "win" situation for all parties:

  • Greenleaf Capital will receive a steady flow of accounts;
  • Client will receive a recovery on accounts that could not be collected and will otherwise be closed and written-off. Also, Greenleaf Capital is responsible for paying the collection agency’s contingency rate in the form of the finders fee.
  • Collection Agency will receive a finders fee for accounts that, for whatever reason, it could not collect an otherwise would not be entitled to any compensation. Also, referral to Greenleaf Capital to these uncollected accounts is a valuable resource for the client and further strengthens your relationship with the client as an all-service collection agency.

Other features:

Greenleaf Capital will pay up to 25% of the purchase price of the accounts sold as a finders fee.

Greenleaf Capital will pay this finders fee for the life of the account.

Greenleaf Capital allows their referral agents the flexibility to decide how much they want to get involved in the transaction. As an agent, you may simply provide Greenleaf Capital with a name and phone number or arrange a meeting with the client.

To get set up as a referral agent for Greenleaf Capital, please call us at (952) 944-9500 or email